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Release to the theater of 1st and 2nd EP

Colexio A Milagrosa

Release to the theater of 1st and 2nd EP

Today the 1st and 2nd year students of Primary Education were lucky enough to be able to visit the Teatro Principal to enjoy a play entitled: Ás para Álex.

A committed piece, funny and full of truth and tenderness, touching on a very delicate subject "childhood cancer" and the need for a feeling of hope as a little more to overcome this disease and how important it is to meet people along the way who invite us to dream.

The protagonist of this story, Álex, is a boy like any 8-year-old who loves to run, play, hang out with friends, go to the park... His passion is football. But one day Álex has to leave everything, because his body doesn't respond, he doesn't walk... and like any child, Álex gets angry, angry with his mother, with his sister, with his dog and even with football.

Álex is angry with the world and many questions assail him: why me? Why can't I play? Why, why and why?... He is so angry that he stops looking around him, until one day Laura appears in his path, and without asking permission, but with great care and affection, he enters fully into her life to change his look.