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Guidance Department

Colexio A Milagrosa

Guidance Department

The main objective of the Guidance Department is to facilitate the planning, development and evaluation of the educational task by adapting it to the peculiarities of the different educational levels in general, and to each of our students in particular.


Objectives :

  • Facilitate the integration of each student in the group and in the center.
  • Encourage educational guidance.
  • Encourage in the group of students the development of participatory attitudes both in the center and in its environment.
  • To carry out a global follow-up of the learning processes of the students to detect the difficulties and the nee, in order to adapt the educational answers and, if necessary, to facilitate the opportune supports.
  • Provide pedagogical reinforcement to students who need it.
  • Develop teaching personalization resources.
  • Coordinate the evaluation process of the students and advise on the promotion from one cycle to another.
  • Contribute to didactic methodological innovation