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The Anpa "A Landra" of La Milagrosa school is made up of a group of parents who, selflessly, work to achieve the following goals:

  1. Organize activities for our children , both in collaboration with the Center and on our own.
    • Celebration of the Milagrosa festival. We bring the medals, the trophies, we do some raffles for a raffle, and of course, you can't miss the fraternization snack, which is held in the school canteen, for everyone, students and their families, teachers and non-teaching staff.
    • The magosto for children, with the train of chestnuts that they like so much!
    • The outing to the cinema for Primary Education students.
    • Animation for Kindergarten students.
    • The walk of the ANPA, which usually takes place at the end of the course as a day of leisure, in which we participate, teachers, students, former students and parents of the Center.
    • Occasionally we have organized some other activity, such as the colonies celebrated a few years ago for Christmas in collaboration with the Santiago City Council or the pilgrimage from O Cebreiro, which some parents and teachers did in the Holy Year of 2004.


  1. Serve as a means of communication between families and teachers for any suggestions, complaints or doubts that may arise.


  1. Facilitating access to the Closet Bank for member families, an initiative that an Anpa mother voted to implement years ago and which, so far, has been well received.

It consists of the families donating to the back of the wardrobe the clothes from the school uniform that we no longer need and we have the possibility of receiving those that we see ourselves needing.

In the following link we can find more information about the operation and rules of participation in the fund of the wardrobe:

Closet bank functioning




President : Marcos M. Salgado Uzal

Vice President : Thierry Berger Bit de Parseval

Secretary : Susana Amor Fernández

Treasurer : Montserrat Quintela Carracedo

Vocals : César Pasín Antelo, Carlos A. García González, Francisco J. Barros Cerviño and Josueidy Carol Rivas Ocando



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