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Fees Extracurricular Activities

Colexio A Milagrosa

Fees Extracurricular Activities


  • English : €35/month (two lessons/week)
  • Modern Dance: €20/month
  • Taekwondo: €20/month
  • French: €20/month
  • Music: €20/month
  • Robotics: €25/month
  • Computing : €10/month
  • Laters:
    • A day of laters ................10 euros.
    • Two days laters ...........20 euros.
    • Three days laters.............25 euros.
    • Four days laters...........30 euros

  • Field soccer: The team EDS Santa Marta will continue the activity with the students of our center. It will depend solely and exclusively on the club itself. On Fridays, students will be picked up at the center and transported to the university campus facilities. If any student wants to participate in this activity, they can contact the club via telephone number 697408573 or via email at



The amount of the activities will be paid to the same account number as the dining room

ES25 - 2080-0314-39- 3040013323

Income must be made within the first ten days of each month . Each subscription must include: student's surname and first name, course and month to which it corresponds. We recommend saving the copy in order to fix possible errors.

Coordinator of Extracurricular Activities.

Mrs. Felisa Pérez Ferreiro.